Are Liverpool going to finish above Everton this season?

September 4, 2012

At this point in time all the available evidence would seem to point to Everton finishing emphatically above Liverpool. The Toffees have begun the season in confident fashion, winning their first two games, and though they lost at West Brom last time out, several presentable chances were missed. LFC by contrast are languishing in the relegation zone.

However, one needs a bit of perspective at a time like this. Everton would dearly love to have players of the quality of Suarez, Gerrard, Sahin, Allen, Agger, Johnson and Reina in their side.

While Everton’s style of play is effective to a degree, it is pretty rudimentary and never likely to be too successful against the top sides for too long (yes, they beat Manchester United this season, but their record against United under Moyes in general is utterly dismal). They are a hard working, well organised, competitive side, but are not over endowed with creativity or flair. Nor do they have a particularly deep squad. This is to be expected as they are operating on a shoestring budget, and LFC should finish ahead of them every season, on the basis of resources alone.

Although there is some concern that Liverpool have left themselves short up front, the modern game is won and lost in midfield, and LFC look very strong in this area, having matched the champions in this department at Anfield.

Last season Everton had a good campaign, made some very handy signings, while Liverpool at one time endured their worst run in the league for nearly 60 years. Yet Everton finished merely four points ahead of Liverpool. Unlike Dalglish, Rodgers will be very clear that the league is his priority, and I can’t see the same thing occurring this season.

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