Week 3: The season so far

September 7, 2012
What can I say when asked about our season so far except to point out that the last time Liverpool got off to a start like this the Beatles were just getting ready to release “Love me do” in October of 1962. OK so we have signed Agger, Skrtel, and Suarez to new contracts yet we failed miserably when it came to transfers, and I do not think we will ever know who is to blame for not signing the American midfielder Clint Dempsey from Fulham. Here was a player that was relishing playing for the Reds, who’s jersey sales in North... Read more...

What about the future?

September 6, 2012
When asked about the future of the club I can only look ahead to us being the side we once were, and I think that given time we will be that team again. Every relationship has its ups, and you have to take the good with the bad some might say that in order to appreciate the good times you will have had to have experienced the bad times. We appear to be still reeling from the disaster that was Hicks and Gilette, while paying the price of Damian Comelli’s signings that failed to justify the outlay and expectations. When Sunderland contemplated losing... Read more...

Match Report: Liverpool 0 – 2 Arsenal

September 4, 2012
I was eagerly awaiting our home game against Arsenal especially after the performance against Manchester City that but for Skrtel’s clanger of a back pass allowing Carlos Tevez to score a gift of a goal. Against City I thought we played well and were unlucky not to capture all three points. Arsenal like us were coming into the match without a win, and like us the manager was already taking some stick from the fans, especially after selling their best player to our biggest rival Manchester United. Before the match kicked off all the talk was about who was to blame for... Read more...