Ten Players LFC Should Buy

September 7, 2012

1. Theo Walcott – Whether he would choose to leave Arsenal for Liverpool remains to be seen, but will have only six months left of his current contract by January.

2. Alan Dzagoev – Whether LFC would have any chance of getting him is debatable, but Dzagoev is the best young midfielder in Europe that hasn’t already moved to one of its biggest clubs.

3. Giorgio Wijnaldum – Another talented young winger / attacking midfield player who might be available for a reasonable price.

4. Iker Munain – Young winger / forward with Athletic Bilbao who tore Manchester United to pieces last year. Would probably be expensive and might well prefer to stay in Spain.

5. Daniel Sturridge – Flexible forward who can play wide and through the middle. Rumoured to be unenamoured by his treatment at Chelsea, and has already walked out on the club that nurtured him.

6.Christian Eriksen – Linked with both LFC and Manchester United quite recently. It seems that United’s interest has cooled after the signings of Kagawa, who plays his position, and van Persie, which means that Rooney is likely to be employed in a deeper position. With Ajax and would be relatively affordable.

7. Nicolás Gaitán – Another player linked heavily with both LFC and United. The Argentine is already a full international, and may be affordable as he is currently with Benfica.

8. Leandro Damiao – Bit of a punt as he has never played in Europe. Probably the second most exciting young Brazilian after Neymar, who I haven’t included in this list as LFC have no chance whatsoever of getting him. The same may be true of Damiao.

9. Peter Odemwingie – Probably not the sort of signing that LFC fans dream about, but an effective forward with Premier League experience who can play wide or through the middle. Scored against LFC on opening day.

10. Arouna Kone – Has only just joined Wigan, but would probably jump at the chance to join LFC. Flexible and experienced forward.


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