Why Liverpool Loaned out Andy Carroll

September 5, 2012

It seems an apparently crazy decision to have loaned out Andy Carroll and sign no replacement players whatsoever. In fact, it was the second of these decisions that was crazy, although Fenway Sports Group have understandably pointed to the £100 million that Kenny Dalglish spent on players, from which little return has been gleaned as of yet.

Carroll was loaned out because, firstly, he does not and will never fit into Rodgers’ preferred style of play or system. While the argument that Carroll offered a handy option off the bench is an understandable one, Fenway’s are not likely to be overly receptive to the concept of a £35 million benchwarmer.

This is the second reason Carroll was loaned out – because he has already depreciated significantly in value, and the situation was not going to be allowed to fester any further. It is worth remembering that Carroll is not just any player, he’s by far the most expensive player Liverpool have ever signed, and the nineteenth most expensive player in football history. I assure you that every other name in the top twenty is a proven world-class player.

LFC should have cut their losses, sold Carroll to Liverpool in June or July, and signed two of Walcott, Dempsey, Sinclair and Johnson, so that Rodgers could have fielded the mobile front three that he desires. Something of this nature may yet occur in January, but the club have certainly not done themselves any favours with their summer transfer policy.

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